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Leanne Campbell

Canadian Artist | Designer | PR & Event Specialist |Entrepreneur |Yoga Teacher | Meditation Guide and Energy Healer | blisstOut Talks

Leanne Bio

Leanne is a Canadian Multi-talented Artist with a diverse back ground and has specialized with Public Relations and Marketing Events, she is a true Visionary and self-taught Entrepreneur, passionate about the happiness and success of herself, her family, and client family. Over the years her dedication with listening to her heart, helped to open several doors in the community to support all kinds of diverse cultures and dreams of many individuals. Her personal passion with self-mastery helps her and her interactions trust and utilize the power of positive mind mastering, when it comes to working on projects by utilizing all of her talents, personal life experiences, natural gifts and healing qualities.


The Vision

Is to utilize my talents and continue to master life skills and self-mastery, a platform in which the livelihood of my talents can be presented to my community and network, and a great gift of my life’s Legacy to reflect and support the needs of my family and friends.

blisstOut the name of the company came about while listening to my Zen Masters talks. After 10 years of actively sharing with his in-depth teachings with enlightenment, I enjoyed the English term of enlightenment to be “Blissed Out”. I came up with a creative idea of adding a “t” for the teachings passed down to me are of centering and totality, therefore the motivation behind enlightenment is to live totally and to celebrate life.

This business is a great life lesson for Integration, many areas of my life are being shared from my Family Legacy of wisdom from my father and mother, the reflection of methods and techniques I use with life, and Utilizing the tools of trades and sharing them in the community.

Bliss “follow your bliss” your nature from within, your highest calling, you’re knowingness.  Blisst “ T” is for totality, “follow your bliss totally” being total in your moments one leaves openings and gaps where witnessing is present, Source energy is experienced with awareness in the core of our being.

“blisstOut” Out is for “out of this world”, beyond, Infinite potential, “getting out there being you”. Self-acceptance, self-Love, taking care of one self, Create, Co-create; love yourself and life, so we can be the change we want to see amongst humans on earth.

“blisstOut” is the daily practice of walking with conscious awareness of consciousness, from un-enlighten moments to enlighten moments, and awaiting the final blessing of existence of Pure Cosmic Super Consciousness.

So to sum up this Visionary Company, it is the final chapter of my previous company Dreams With Latika Devi. The vision there was making dreams a reality. Chapter 2 with a new name “blisstOut”, continuing with making dreams a reality with awareness of consciousness and totality.



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